The Best Wi-Fi Booster Application

Wi-Fi is often become the target when everyone using their smartphones. It is because Wi-Fi make us able to catch the internet widely without having to fear running out of data.  If we are in a cafe or any other places where there is a Wi-Fi signal, we often get a weak Wi-Fi signals. This can happen because of some interference or too many people using Wi-Fi.  But it’s okay, because these days there are some applications that can become a Wi-Fi signal booster.

Wi-Fi Signal Booster Application

  1. Wi-Fi Manager

            This one of the best Wi-Fi booster application was developed by Kostya Vasilyev and very suitable to be a Wi-Fi signal booster.  Because it can increase the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. With Wi-Fi Manager, you can manage Wi-Fi networks and can also increase the connection with graphical channel radars.  The memory capacity is very small, which is only 1.19MB.

  1. Wi-Fi signal booster + extender

            This application have function to improve your internet connection by detecting the background and the systems of this application.  Wi-Fi Signal Booster + Extender using Wi-Fi signal booster and Wi-Fi extender option to expand the wireless network range. Memory capacity is quite small, which is only 2.60MB.

  1. Wi-Fi doctor

            This application also become one of the best Wi-Fi booster.  This application is designed to detect networks, protect internet activities, and also can speed up the network connections by closing applications that are running in the background. This application is very modern, it can check Wi-Fi security, improve networks, and much more.  This Wi-Fi signal booster application was developed by a company called PICOO Design.  Wi-Fi doctor has a pretty small capacity, which is only 3.09MB.

  1. Network master

            This application can test your network speed to find the fastest Wi-Fi hotspot that detects all devices connected by network analysis.  Network master was developed by LIONMOBI.  A lot of people downloaded this application which reached 10 million downloads.  This application has a capacity of 6.51MB.  That is why network master become one of the best Wi-Fi booster application ever.

  1. Wi-Fi master pro and fast tools

            One of the best Wi-Fi booster application on the list is Wi-Fi master pro and fast tools.  This application is an application that have function to increase Wi-Fi signal by optimizing Wi-Fi speed on Android. Wi-Fi master pro and fast tools will also help find you free Wi-Fi that has a higher signal.  This application was developed by Wi-Fi Master and has a small capacity, which is only 4.54MB.

Well, that’s the best Wi-Fi booster application on Android that can make your network gets stronger.  The application above will certainly make us free to explore internet comfortably and fast. Good luck and hopefully the information will be useful!